Welcome and congratulations on taking the important steps of protecting all that you have worked hard to acquire and most importantly, to Protect Those You Love.

Here you will find a series of articles, links to other educational information and videos on the various topics that surround proper Estate Planning.  I encourage you to include your significant other in this educational journey, listen to the videos together as a way to open a discussion.

The most important part is to take action.  For reasons that are evident, we have no idea when these plans will need to be enacted.  This is not a DIY, do it yourself proposition.  This is one area of life where professional assistance is necessary. One mistake and all your plans can be eliminated, and you are not there to fix things.

Read, Listen, Discuss and then contact me.  We will meet by phone or in person to make sure you have all your questions answered.  A proper plan is also flexible, so you do not need to have everything perfect to get started. Changes can and will be made. The idea is to begin. Your family and your Legacy are counting on you.

Sincerely yours,

Steven J Fine

Educator and founder of Estate Plan for Wisconsin

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Preparing for Care-Giving

Providing care to an elderly, sick or injured person is a life changing commitment. The medical and personal demands are constant and unwavering. The financial and physical impact adds to the strains and must be faced as each presents itself. Planning ahead is possible to some degree within each of these areas.  I’d like to […]

#25 of 25 Estate Planning Mistakes – No Records

Lack of Record Keeping Estate planning is partly about making things easier for your family to close out your estate following your death. However, many successor trustees / personal representatives end up spending a lot of time searching for information which was not properly organized. They need to inventory your estate or trust assets, so they need to know what you […]