Month: March 2016

For Non-Traditional Families

You have rights, rights, privileges and choices yet for many of us, the day to day grind of the here and now distracts us from taking the simple steps necessary to insure our choices are of our own choosing. During our lifetime we invest heavily. We invest in our careers, we invest in our material […]

I met an attorney…………

While attending a small get together hosted by a mutual friend I had the pleasure of meeting Tom. Tom is an attorney with a large law firm in the city in which we both live.  A pleasant man and easy to talk with, Tom told me about the work he does, explaining with some exasperation […]

Lifetime Services – a Necessary Part of a complete Plan

A trust is not a perfect solution. What it does if properly implimented is a great solution to most concerns and questions. But properly implimneted is the key phrase. It has been pointed out by attorneys and other experts that there are three problems with a Trust. First, it needs to be executed properly which […]

Option Two – A Revocable Living Trust

In a previous lesson we learned that there are only two documents that are recognized by the courts when a person dies. Either you have a will which you had written or one given to you by the state in which you live, or you have set up a Trust. There are a variety of […]

Living Probate – Better Safe Than Sorry

The story of Terry Schivo brings home the need we all have to prepare for the unexpected. Terry was 27 years old when she collapsed in her apartment, beginning a 15 year struggle between the courts, family, the state of Florida, the federal government and the Roman Catholic church.  It filled the news and became […]