Author: Steve Fine

Living Probate – Better Safe Than Sorry

The story of Terry Schivo brings home the need we all have to prepare for the unexpected. Terry was 27 years old when she collapsed in her apartment, beginning a 15 year struggle between the courts, family, the state of Florida, the federal government and the Roman Catholic church.  It filled the news and became […]

Why I Choose to Not Get a Will

When my mother died unexpectedly at age 54 we learned she had taken some steps in preparation for what all of us will inevitably face at some point- we are all going to die. In an easy to find location we found the Will she had written through her attorney friend. A few days after […]

You only have three options – so why make it a big deal?

When life gives you many options – then you truly have some things to consider. It is probably for this reason that we see more people lingering longer at the ice cream freezers than in any other aisle in the store – so many delicious choices!! But when it comes to end of life planning […]

The Best Gift

The best gift we could ever give a loved one is a phone number. They say that diamonds are forever and flowers create emotions. While these are both true I want to suggest that when you care the most you provide a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on. I’m married. I have […]

A sad story of a lost gift

A disappointing phone call came in today. Not the first time I had heard these same words. An appointment I had made with Ms Smith (not her real name) was being canceled. She explained that her son and her nephew had told her she didn’t need an Estate Plan. Something they had done with her […]

Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

We are all going to die. This is not a bad thing. It is a part of life. Ideally we should all die in our sleep of old age after having watched our children grow, played with all our grandchildren and love and be loved in wonderful and fulfilling ways.  But this is out of […]