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Avoid Traps Planning your Estate

Summary: Estate planning, like many legal matters, is something where there are many ways to accomplish any given goal. Just like meeting any legal, financial or medical need, there are techniques that are safe and reliable, and there are methods that risky and filled with potential dangers. There are many techniques involving deeds that can […]

Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid

THINGS TO BE AWARE OF WHEN MAKING PLANS Estate Planning 101 We are all going to die. This is not a bad thing. It is a part of life. Ideally we should all die in our sleep of old age after having watched our children grow, played with all our grandchildren and love and be […]

Lifetime Services – a Necessary Part of a complete Plan

A trust is not a perfect solution. What it does if properly implimented is a great solution to most concerns and questions. But properly implimneted is the key phrase. It has been pointed out by attorneys and other experts that there are three problems with a Trust. First, it needs to be executed properly which […]

Option Two – A Revocable Living Trust

In a previous lesson we learned that there are only two documents that are recognized by the courts when a person dies. Either you have a will which you had written or one given to you by the state in which you live, or you have set up a Trust. There are a variety of […]

Why I Choose to Not Get a Will

When my mother died unexpectedly at age 54 we learned she had taken some steps in preparation for what all of us will inevitably face at some point- we are all going to die. In an easy to find location we found the Will she had written through her attorney friend. A few days after […]