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I met an attorney…………

While attending a small get together hosted by a mutual friend I had the pleasure of meeting Tom. Tom is an attorney with a large law firm in the city in which we both live.  A pleasant man and easy to talk with, Tom told me about the work he does, explaining with some exasperation […]

A sad story of a lost gift

A disappointing phone call came in today. Not the first time I had heard these same words. An appointment I had made with Ms Smith (not her real name) was being canceled. She explained that her son and her nephew had told her she didn’t need an Estate Plan. Something they had done with her […]

Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

We are all going to die. This is not a bad thing. It is a part of life. Ideally we should all die in our sleep of old age after having watched our children grow, played with all our grandchildren and love and be loved in wonderful and fulfilling ways.  But this is out of […]